The day’s of superhusbans


The Death of Spiderman.


Tony arrives back at his Tower after he realizes Loki’s plot. Tony and Loki have their little word spat, while Tony prepares himself for combat.

But Loki just can’t resist revealing to Tony that not only does he know about Peter, but he has the boy in his clutches.

And oh, all the plans Loki has for Tony and Peter.


Awkward breakfast.
Steve is always flirting with those little glances….goddamnit!

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*One Shot*

Peter takes a job as a Junior High Science teacher. The pay isn’t great and the hours are long but he enjoys his job, students and the school immensely the only problem is that Tony feels his son is squandering his potential as a teacher when he could be working alongside his father at Stark Industries


Here’s to the ships that will never be canon…

And here’s to the shippers that will never stop believing.


Super family ~